Tunisia Flag
    Tunisia Flag
    Flag of Tunisia
    Inspired by Flag of the Ottoman
    Adopted 1831
    Proportion 2:3
    Similar to Flag of Turkey
    Colors Red (Hex #E70013)
    White (Hex #FFFFFF)
    Tunisia Flag
    The national flag of Tunisia is red with a white disk in the center bearing a red crescent nearly encircling a red five-pointed star
    Tunisia Flag Colors - symbolism
    Tunisia Flag Colors - meaning and symbolism
    Red represents the blood shed by martyrs in the struggle against oppression
    White stands for peace
    Crescent and star represents Islam, the majority faith of Tunisian population and symbolizes Tunisia's history as a part of the Ottoman Empire
    Tunisia Flag Information
    Flag of Tunisia
    The Tunisian flag was defined in Article 4 of the 1 June 1959 constitution as "The flag of the Republic of Tunisia is red, it has, under the conditions defined by law, in the middle, a white disk containing a five-pointed star surrounded by a red crescent." The Organic Law No. 99-56 of 30 June 1999, adopted on 3 July by the Chamber of Deputies, formalized the Tunisian flag. The flag is in the form of a red rectangle with a width equal to two-thirds of its length. In the middle of the flag is a white disk whose diameter is equal to one-third of the length of the rectangle and whose center is located at the intersection of the diagonals of the rectangle. A red five-pointed star is located to the right of the disk, whose center is at a distance equal to one-thirtieth of the length of the flag from the center of the disk.
    Tunisia National Anthem
    Tunisia Flag History

    Tunisia Flag
    Tunisia Flag information

    The red and white flag of Tunisia, adopted as national flag in 1959, has its origins the naval ensign of the Kingdom of Tunis adopted in 1831 by Al-Husayn II ibn Mahmud. During the era of the French protectorate in Tunisia, the flag of France was placed in the canton of the Tunisian flag.
    Tunisia Flag Image
    Tunisia Flag Image
    Flag of the President of Tunisia
    Presidential standard of Tunisia is the national flag of Tunisia with an inscription above the disk in yellow Arabic letters للوطن ("Li-l-watan" meaning 'For the nation')

    Flag of the President of Tunisia
    Difference between Turkey Flag and Tunisia Flag
    Tunisia flag is sometimes mistaken with the Turkey flag as both have white crescent and star on red field. The crescent and moon of Tunisia flag are in a white disk while those on the Turkey flag are not. The similarity is due to the fact that both flags are based on the flag of the Ottoman empire.
    Differences between Tunisia Flag and Turkey Flag

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